3 Reasons To Enroll Your Child In An After-School Program

More and more families require two incomes to make ends meet. With both parents working, children can be left with nowhere to go after they get out of school but before their parents are finished with the workday.

After-school child care programs were designed specifically with these types of children in mind. An after-school program does more than just provide supervision for your child, these programs can make a significant difference in his or her future success.

1. Boost Your Child's Academic Performance

It is never too early to start teaching your child the importance of a quality education. Kids who learn to engage with their studies and fulfill assignments in a timely manner often perform better in the classroom.

Your child's future depends, in part, on his or her academic performance. Without good grades, it will be difficult for your child to get into a quality college or land a successful job position. Supervised learning and help with homework are offered in after-school programs.

This focus on learning helps your child boost his or her academic performance in the future.

2. Promote Your Child's Physical Health

Children who do not participate in after-school programs may find themselves being entertained with television shows or video games. These forms of entertainment can be exciting, but they also limit the amount of physical activity your child will get in a day. After-school programs plan fun activities that are designed to get kids up and moving.

An active child will grow and develop properly and be able to lead a healthy lifestyle through adulthood. You may not be available to enroll your child in sports, dance, or gymnastics due to your work schedule, but the physical activities your child will participate in at an after-school program can contribute to greater physical health.

3. Reduce Risky Behaviors

Children of working parents are at risk of developing some risky behaviors that might compromise their futures. These behaviors can include drug or alcohol abuse, breaking the law, or self-harm.

After-school programs provide the structure and supervision needed to help minimize the risk of these behaviors. Enrolling your child in an after-school program will give your child a better chance at approaching his or her adult life with a clean slate.

There are many reasons why modern parents might need some help caring for children in the hours after school ends. After-school programs can give you access to the supervision, physical activity, and academic help your child needs.