Will Your Child Be Safe In After School Child Care With COVID-19?

With many people going back to work and school starting up again, you may find yourself in need of an after school care program to watch your child before you get home from your job. However, a main concern you will likely have is if your child will be safe in the program with everything going on in the world with COVID-19. Here are some things to watch out for when keeping safety top of mind.

Will There Be Health Screenings?

The first thing to look for in an after school child care program is if there are going to be health screenings. Not all schools are doing things as simple as temperature checks and questionnaires about conditions, but it can make a big difference in keeping your child safe. Screening all the kids before they start the program for the day should definitely be something to look out for.

Will Masks Be Required?

Many after school child care programs take place indoors, which means the risk of transmitting COVID-19 is going to be higher than if they are outdoors. It is important to ask if wearing a mask will be required for them to attend the after school child care program. While wearing a mask has been politicized recently, know that it is in the best interest of keeping your child and the staff members safe.

What Size Will The Groups Be?

After school child care programs typically bring in a variety of different kids for a single child care program, which means that in normal circumstances, the group size can be quite big. You should ask if the after school child care program is doing anything to limit group sizes. For example, they may be making small groups that a kid socializes in during every visit, which is grouped by the school, grade level, or classroom that they came from. Doing small things like this can help prevent community spread of COVID-19 from happening and keep everyone safe as a result.

How Are Snacks Handled?

It is common for an after school child program to offer the kids a snack while they are attending. You'll want to find out how they are handling snack time and if they are doing it in a safe way. Will the kids only be eating individual pre-packaged snacks that are served to them? Are they social distancing while not wearing a mask to eat the snack? These are all questions worth asking. 

For further questions, reach out to a local after school child care facility.